How to Be Good at Social Media

All recipes you’ve seen so far apply. I know they were many. From content creation rules, to design, to videos tricks, to community management tips, to ads, hashtags and analytics. We love to see regularly the Hootsuite intelligence. If you follow their social media accounts you’ll end up a good social media manager in no-time. There a tons of sources, specialised tutorials, on content creations, ads and metrics, strategy and top awarded campaigns. It’s all there and you can take from it, tailor it to suit you best. That is no secret. Just that, some are bad at doing it, while some are brilliant.

What’s the difference? So simple. It’s the team which is implementing all the above. And it’s the synergy and flow they have, while using all their top skills and knowledge. What you need to start doing social media seriously is a stellar designer, a witty copywriter and a born leader kind of manager. The success trinity we may call it. The designer is a digital native who produces artwork by the minute. The copywriter is well versed in web and social media creation of all kind (product, B2B, PR) and the manager needs to posses amongst all common sense and a sense of:

  • urgency – have the capacity to move fast, not to miss the beat, be one step ahead of the competition. Know what to ask from the team. Can you report live like a journalist? Because that’s what social media is. Well, actually, is much more. We get the news first on social and not on TV.
  • synthesis – have the ability to write the short and the essential, to communicate the right message, by words or by images… choose and adapt fast the right content – kind of a media agenda setting for what you want to show to world.
  • the big picture — while you mostly plan and implement short to medium term, always have in sight the big picture – and the whole ecosystem around it. This will give you perspective, and help you to focus.

Let us know what worked for you and if there is anything you’d add to this!

By Andreea Zaharia, Digital Director

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