Content Creation Tips for YouTube

1.Create useful, quality content. In digital content creation every piece of content you create must be useful and relevant to the audience. The more useful the content is, the easier it will be for people to relate and share it with others. Nowadays we see being pretty popular channels like: video game walkthroughs; how to guides and tutorials for basically anything; travelling vlogs; daily vlogs; product reviews; celebrity gossip videos; comedy videos; shopping trips; unboxing videos.

2. Choose a niche that you are both passionate about and active in. Building a successful content channel requires you to be actively involved within the niche on a day-to-day basis. This way, you know what content is going to be best for your audience.

3. Do your research. You must have extensive knowledge on the topic you’re talking about, especially in the B2B market. Include statistics, and latest data to establish credibility, and support your claims. Hootsuite says that if you’re planning to market on YouTube this year, you need to be savvy about it, as it has more than 50 million content creators churning out videos regularly, so your own content has to stand out.

4. Be yourself and focus on your purpose. You should identify at least one key message you would like put out there before you create your content. Keep this in mind when producing and tie your content back to the main point as much as possible. The content you publish is the voice of your brand and it should be unique to your personality.

5. Make your videos captivating – think viral. According to a study by MDG Advertising, content paired with captivating images gets 94 percent more total views on average than those without. Go viral!

6. Write an awesome title. The headline determines whether audiences will view the rest of your work.

7. Create a hook to grab attention. You have three seconds to keep people hooked after the click. The first images play a key role in determining whether they follow the rest of your content.

8. Optimize. The best digital content often consists of short snaps, short sentences, key messages in keywords and key visuals. Youtube like all digital content should also be optimised for search using SEO best practices.

9. Promote your videos on social. Share different content on more channels to expand your brand’s reach and add scale to campaigns. Strategise, micro-target and pay for promotions. Nowadays social network algorithms are what they are. Organic won’t get you far.

10. Track, analyse, improve. Ideally, your analytics program should go beyond simple metrics to evaluate your audience. Check out here
26 mobile app tools which may give you a hand in this.

In closing, we leave you with a few YouTube channels based on different topics, to inspire you further:

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By Diana Zaharia, Digital Marketing Consultant

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